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History of the Combined Council of America Credit Unions 

The CCACU is an intimate group of various credit unions throughout the United States. Our focus is to hold an annual conference that facilitates and promotes education for Management, Board of Directors and Supervisory Audit Committee’s. 

We advocate achieving better regulatory and legislative results for credit unions and our members; and to grow and strengthen the credit union movement. 

The CCACU originally started with credit unions from General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler and International Harvester. Since our inception, CCACU has expanded, and is open to all associations and industries. 

In the 1970's, the General Motors Council was the first to form their own council. Ford, Chrysler and Navistar followed, all in respective order. After each council was formed and not long thereafter, all four councils came together for the first time and met with each board of directors. Their very first board meeting was held in Dearborn, Michigan in 1976. 

The purpose of this meeting was to form and develop an annual meeting to initially serve the automotive industry credit unions as they all shared common interests and goals.  It was at this meeting that the name "Combined Council of Automotive Credit Unions"(CCACU) was created.  The very first CCACU Annual Meeting was held in the Bahamas in 1982 with over 400 in attendance, and annually thereafter with the exception of Scottsdale, Arizona 2001 - due to 911. 

The first GM Council President was Glenn Lee, Blackhawk Credit Union- Wisconsin; Ford Council President Don McCellanDearborn FCU-Michigan; Chrysler Council President was Livio Ottino, ABD Credit Union – Michigan; and International Harvester Council President Jerry Walters, Harvester FCU, Indiana. 

The councils had individual credit unions from Canada that participated as well. 
As time went on, the councils developed a relationship with the United Auto Workers union, and contractual language was negotiated on an individual council basis for automatic payroll deduction. This made it much easier and convenient for the credit union member. The corporations were cooperative, and over time, allowed the credit unions into their plants. 

In 2009, with changes happening within the credit union industry and in an effort to strengthen the CCACU, the Board voted to change their bylaws to allow credit unions from any association to join. Along with the change in bylaws, they changed their name as well to "Combined Council of Americas Credit Unions". 

Continuing their mission, the CCACU continues to hold an annual meeting in September attended by credit unions from across the United States.  This meeting offers top-notch credit union industry speakers, bringing attendees the most up to date credit union industry news as well as spotlighting issues facing credit unions today.  Required annual BSA training is also provided with the registration fee. 

All associations and industries are welcomed to attend.